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Please e-mail us at or call us at 1.616.604.5046/ 1.877.255.3721 for updated sample itineraries and prices. Again, as is stated below ALL of our itineraries for Groups are CUSTOMIZED.

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"Outstanding-Affordable Field Courses in Rainforest & Marine Ecology"

We are presently taking Reservations for Individuals and Groups for the remainder of 2013 and Beyond.

Rainforest and Reef specializes in Natural History based Field Courses featuring exotic wildlife, scenic beauty, adventure, unique cultures, archaeology, fascinating histories and much, much more. During this past year, our programs were represented by University, Community College and High School groups, as well as "Independent Travelers", which included University professors, K-12 teachers, science professionals and curious travelers. Participants have come from across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Latin America, Australia and the Far East.

Our Field Courses are operated by LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS, who over time have shown a strong commitment to local CONSERVATION and EDUCATION. It is through your participation that these efforts continue to gain support, as 99% of all the fees you pay, go towards assisting in local conservation and education projects. As we continue to discover what's new, unusual and extraordinary about the world we live in, it is with great enthusiasm that we invite you to join us in the near future for the experience of a lifetime!

  • PRICING….there are no hidden costs, it’s all included: Instruction and Guide Services; most Meals and Lodging; Ground and Water Transportation at each Field Course site; all Entrance Fees to National Parks and other sites. When one considers the combination of quality and cost, there just is nothing to compare with a Rainforest and Reef Experience, including the Galápagos Islands. When you consider cost and quality, there are no organizations offering anything like a RAINFOREST and REEF EXPERIENCE. We invite you to compare prices with any other organization or company and will be pleased to make recommendations. This includes "direct bookings" to any of our Field Course sites. Our prices will be significantly lower, GUARANTEED.
  • OUR STAFF….Rainforest and Reef Staff consists of EXPERIENCED TRAVELERS, TRAINED BIOLOGISTS and EDUCATIONAL SPECIALISTS. Everything you could ask for in putting together a successful experience to one of our destinations.
  • EXTENSIONS….want to visit a site not included in one of our Field Courses? This can easily be arranged and at an affordable price. Most of our detailed sample itineraries have extension recommendations.
  • OUR PARTNERS….years have gone into picking the PARTNERS Rainforest and Reef works with on the ground. These are all of special people you will meet during your RAINFOREST and REEF EXPERIENCE. They are the people that make the difference between a "good experience" and one that will be unforgettable….FIELD COURSE COORDINATORS, NATURALIST GUIDES, DRIVERS, COOKS and others. We are quite fortunate to be working with only the best at each of our Field Course sites.
  • CUSTOMIZED ITINERARIES….your Field Course can be completely customized to meet the interests and needs of your group.
  • EXTENSIONS….want to visit a site not included in one of our Field Courses? This can easily be arranged and at an affordable price. Most of our detailed sample itineraries have extension recommendations.
  • SPANISH IMMERSION….now offered in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Spain.
  • INTERNSHIPS and SEMESTER ABROAD PROGRAMS….available at many of our sites.
  • BIRDING and GARDEN PROGRAMS….also now offered at many of our sites.
  • FUTURE GROUP LEADERS….ask us about visiting one of our sites at no cost prior to bringing your own group. Please look under “Inspection Trips for Group Leaders” along the left hand side of the page.
  • REFERENCES….available upon request. We highly recommend that you talk to a group leader or an individual who has experienced one or more of our Field Courses in the past.

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"Outstanding-Affordable Field Courses in Rainforest & Marine Ecology"

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